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Title: What Remus Wants 
Author: [info]alfirin_kirinki 
Fandom Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Summary: PREQUEL to 'A Guide to Happiness' - after a little bit of a cock-up in potions, Sirius finds out a few things about Remus - like just how much he loves chocolate cake...
Author Notes: Originally posted some time in 2002. Thanks, as usual, the lovely Ashe, and also to Hannah, who set the challenge in the first place.
Can be read as a standalone, but would spoil the prequel, 'A Guide to Happiness' if it was.

What Remus Wants )
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 Author alfirin_kirinki 
Beta ashe_frost 
Rating: PG-13 at most
Pairing: Bobby/John
Archived the_aa, dry_ice, xmmf, x_slash  - various fic sites.
Summary: Post X2, Bobby is the first to celebrate his birthday.
Disclaimer: Characters property of Marvel; title and quote property of Funeral for a Friend.
Author Notes: For the  dry_ice  First Birthday Challenge – many happy returns, DI!

Moments Forever Faded )
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Author: [profile] alfirin_kirinki
Betas: [profile] ashe_frost & [profile] littledarkvoice
Title: Missing the War
Rating: PG-ish
Disclaimer: Characters property of Marvel; title property of Ben Fold's Five; quote property of Embrace.
Summary: "There are times when our worst enemies are within us."
Written for: [personal profile] vagabondsal
Also archived at: [profile] the_aa
Pairing/scenario requested: Charles/Erik. No conditions, s'hard enough to get them to be civil with one another nowadays as it is.?

But with a little John/Bobby thrown in. Because how could I not?

Also - backstory loosely based on Ultimate!canon.

Warnings: This is not my main ship and these bastards are not exactly willing to comply to teenage angst. Thus: old man story, with teenagers in.

Also: this story was originally written around the time of X2 - in June 2004 - but I've never posted it here and having just seen X-Men: First Class, it felt relevant. Other fics from this era may be migrated over in future.

Missing the War )
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Title: There Goes My Hero
Summary: Short character study
Author: [profile] icedmaple
Betas: [personal profile] likethepaint & [personal profile] shiny_starlight
Rating: Barely PG.
Pairing: Joe/Patrick
Words: c. 1,000.
Author's notes: This is just a short character study inspired by the song 'My Hero' by the Foo Fighters. I do not own the song, or the dudes used in this fic.

Play while you read:

There Goes My Hero )
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Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Pairing: Rodney/Radek, if you want it to be.
Rating: PG
Recipient: [ profile] _phaedra_
Spoilers: None, really. Set relatively early in season one, because of the premise.
Summary: Atlantis' personnel do a Secret Santa of their own.
Notes: Eternal thanks to [personal profile] shiny_starlight, [ profile] darkmoon711 and [personal profile] anjak_j all of whom coped with my hysteria about needing to get this finished admirably.

I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who left comments on the [community profile] sga_santa comm - I'm glad you liked it! <3

Be Careful What You Wish For )
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Beta: [ profile] darkmoon711 & [personal profile] shiny_starlight
Prompt: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
Word Count: ~1100
Rating: G
Author's Notes: You may need a tissue; and not in a kinky way.

Four Seasons )

My [profile] fanfic100 fictable can be found here.
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Beta: [personal profile] shiny_starlight, with smartarse comments and squeeage from [ profile] darkmoon711, [ profile] gooner_diva, [ profile] elethe & [ profile] billietallent at intervals.
Rating: PG-13ish
Pairing: Stackhouse/Markham
Summary: Someone's pulling pigtails.
Spoilers: None in particular.
Warnings: Gratuitous hickotyping; never believe a word Markham says.

If you're curious about use of the word y'all, while I personally always believed it to be plural, in some areas (like Oklahoma) it would actually be singular, with alls y'all the plural variant. This site conveniently explains the colloquialism.

If It Ain't Broke )


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